Mission Statement
Hearing Colors® produces quality musical recordings while assisting artists with professional development in order to reach their full creative potential. The quality of our work reflects artistic integrity guided by passionate innovation, constant improvement and adaptation to continuously evolving musical, technological, and educational trends. Our work contributes to music and sound technology as well as education.

Hearing Colors® is a new independent record label in Austin, Texas that will make you think you have rainbows in your ears. They aren’t limiting themselves to one particular genre, but strive to work with a variety of diverse artists and sounds – mostly those that invite the listener in to question, experience and expand their creative and cerebral boundaries. Artists currently signed to Hearing Colors include Austin-based recording artist Tim Delaney, strumming fresh, psychedelic uke pop, and rapper/producer neutron squared, whose unique style may at times inspire controversy. There will be many more to come so long as they provide a raw, punk-rock attitude, are fiercely outspoken and are dedicated to the call of creative expression.

Hearing Colors was founded by native central Texan, Marine veteran, entrepreneur and recording artist, Tim Delaney. From 2003 – 2007, Delaney served in the Marines as a supply clerk mostly in Okinawa, and earned a Navy Achievement Medal for his work in Iraq. After discharging from the Marines, he used the GI Bill to attend school for music and recording at Austin Community College, where he earned an Associate of Arts degree in Music and started an Associate of Applied Science dress in Commercial Music Management. During this time, he was awarded a scholarship from the Austin Masonic Lodge No. 12. From there, Delaney worked in recording studios such as King’s Rock Quarry in Bastrop, Texas where he learned to start using the studio as a compositional tool, and Xyayx in New York City where he recorded rap and hip-hop artists, expanding his technical skills as a recording artist though practical application and learning the intricacies of interacting with artists in a studio environment. It was here that he met neutron squared. Delaney soon returned to Austin to start Hearing Colors LLC.


Delaney set out on a mission to use Hearing Colors as a means to produce quality musical recordings and assist artists with professional development and musical production to help them reach their full creative potential. From there, Hearing Colors will guide talent with artistic integrity, passionate innovation, constant improvement, and adaptation to the ever-changing world of digital music, technology, marketing, and educational trends. As a veteran-owned company, Hearing Colors values the tenants of free speech and creative expression, the boundaries of which they don’t mind pushing.


When I left the Marines in 2007, Hearing Colors was just a cool logo and an idea for an independent record label by artists for artists. I spent the following 13 years studying music and the music industry while continuously writing in order to make it a reality. The past few years I spent recording, producing and planning my debut EP along with a single with neutron squared to use as the foundation and look forward to expanding in the coming years.

– Tim Delaney


Since 2019, Tim Delaney has been working to establish Hearing Colors as a contributing member of the Austin music and local community by volunteering as a reviewer for the Texas Talking Book Program which makes audio books for the visually impaired and those with other disabilities that prevent them from reading books otherwise. Before the pandemic, Delaney started to volunteer with the Austin Music Foundation and plans to continue all volunteering activity post-pandemic.


Hearing Colors will celebrate its debut release with “Looking to the Stars for Direction (Hearing Colors),” a collaborative single by Tim Delaney and neutron squared scheduled to be released on February 11, 2021 across all streaming platforms. A radio edit will be released along with instrumentals on February 26, 2021 with the official launch of the label. “Looking to the Stars for Direction (Hearing Colors)” was composed entirely from scratch in FL Studio by neutron squared. Tim Delaney sang the chorus and wrote all the lyrics with the verses performed by neutron squared at the Hearing Colors’ private recording studio in Austin. Tim Delaney will release his debut EP, Where to Begin, March 19, 2021, the instrumentals of which can be heard exclusively on his website now. All mixing was done by Andre Moran and Mark Hallman at the Congress House Studio and mastering by Mark Hallman.

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